Memories of August 1914, part of 14-18 NOW, is one the UK's landmark events to mark the centenary of the start of First World War. It comes just two years after Liverpool came to a standstill for Sea Odyssey which paid tribute to the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic.

The event saw one million people converge on the streets, taking in the awe-inspiring sight of three beautifully crafted giants which roamed the city on a heart-rending tale of love, loss and reunion. Those three days in April 2012 have become some of the most unforgettable in Liverpool's history and this new event is expected to join Sea Odyssey and become etched in the hearts and minds of everyone lucky enough to be part of the event.

Memories of 1914 is co-commissioned by Culture Liverpool and 14-18 NOW, The First World War Centenary Art Commissions.

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WW1 lessons before Giant event

A WORLD WAR 1–themed street party is being staged at a Liverpool school as it gets ready for the visit of the Giants to Newsham Park. 

The party will be the highlight of a week of special lessons at the Academy of St Francis of Assisi.

The Academy – which is based in the park – will change their normal timetable for lessons which reflect different aspects of WW1 culminating in a spectacular street party.


Throughout the week students will learn all about the early days of the war; the hopes of a nation on the brink of its first major conflict for more than 50 years, the excitement of the youngest generations as they prepared for the adventure of a lifetime and the fears of those they were leaving behind that perhaps it might not be ‘over by Christmas’ as everyone expected. 


Sociology lessons will have ‘live’ recruitment posters behind a giant picture frame; drama students will stage a production of ‘Archie Dobson’s War’; flags of the Allied Nations with details of how they contributed to the war will contribute to geography lessons and history sessions will look at the role of women in the war.


English lessons will feature script writing based on ‘War Horse’ along with poetry competitions while postcards and newspapers from the war will be considered in RE lessons and ICT students will take part in radio broadcasts.


Highlight of the week will be a street party to celebrate the men enlisting for the war which will be held at the Academy on Wednesday July 16 at 5pm when representatives from the Liverpool PALS memorial group, local community groups, primary school children, ward councillors and other partners will be attending.  The school choir will perform at the party.


The special week is a forerunner to the Memories of 1914 event when the three giants will be at Newsham Park on 25 and 26 July – an event which is exciting pupils.


Muzammil Hassan, aged 12, said: “I missed the giants last time but everyone was talking about them.  I’m really excited that they are coming to Newsham Park as it is right next to our school and where I live.”


Holly Barwise, also 12, went to watch the giants when they visited the city in 2012. She said: “We are all really looking forward to Giants Week in school – there are lots of exciting projects planned for us to do and we’ll be learning all about the soldiers who fought in the war.”


One of the rewards on offer for the students who enter into the spirit of the celebrations over and above their peers. is a VIP slot to see the Grandmother  giant as she ‘sleeps’  in St George’s Hall before she begins her journey around the city.  There are 15 places available



  • These events are part of Culture Liverpool’s Participation programme. The Academy of St Francis Assisi is a Participation partner.