A sleeping Grandmother Giant travels through space between two clouds of the Milky Way.

Her mind sails from a star to another whereas her body already arrived at its place of destination and rests laying down in a bed. She lives behind the big explosion which took place 13.7 billion years ago and which our

physicists will call the Big Bang.

In this immense unknown area live the Giants. However just before the crossing she is undertaking, she must cross the “Planck wall”*. She often made this route; alone or accompanied by other Giants who land in different eras of the planet. For all, the journey is short: it only takes two days.

At the very beginning, beyond the wall, lies the kingdom of the hereafter, the one in which the soul of our ancestors float for eternity.

Behind her an immense safe wanders in the cosmos. Inside files full of memories pile up. It is the safe of memories of the Grandmother Giant.

The pile of files tells the past, the present and the future of Liverpool.

This Grandmother is a queen. Some say that she may have ancient origins from Nantes or Ireland…

She simply comes, like any grandmother, to tell stories by the fire to the people of the city as it used to be done in our countryside. She knows so many things about life, like the ancients who are today lost in our civilization, marred by their silence.

She comes with one of her children for whom she had a small piece of galaxy built with tools that were at hand, so that the child could wake and fall asleep peacefully…

In Liverpool, she will tell us the story of these happy people who went away in 1914 with the King’s Regiment, their hope brimming with courage to save the ideal of their time. And then, she will go away through space again in a big floating coffin, to the “Planck wall”.

But she will return…

Written by Jean-Luc Courcoult, Author, Artistic Director and Founder, Royal de Luxe


Max Planck, Nobel Prize for Physics in 1918, is one of the founders of the quantum physics theory (particle physics). The story of the Big Bang begins after the era of Planck with the Planck wall providing the boundary. The Planck wall is the limit of the knowledge of the universe.

Memories of the Grandmother

During the show, the Grandmother Giant read a number of stories out loud to the public, if you would like to read these stories, please take a look at the downloads below. Each of the downloads contains a letter which was read out by the Grandmother at different locations and times along her route, which are detailed below.