This is a big event in every sense, and Liverpool City Council's Culture Liverpool team want to make sure as many people as possible get involved in the run up, during and after the show.


They are working in partnership with other council teams and external organisations to deliver an education and participation programme that aims to bring together the entire city in memory of the events which took place between 1914 and 1918.


If you are planning on organising an event to coincide with the commemorations, please download the form and email it back to us.    

The Mourners

Memories of August considered the outbreak of WW1, a time when the country was full of national pride and an optimism that the war would be over by Christmas. Thousands of young men signed up to Liverpool’s Pals Battalion’s full of pride for their country and city, these were represented in the parade by our volunteer Liverpool Battalion. But the Great War did not end by Christmas and thousands lost their lives. In the procession the mourners symbolised the loss that was to come.
Local volunteers dressed in black and reminded us of what was to come.
Jane Critchley 'It was an unbelievable privilege to be a part of the finale parade as one of the mourners. Many thanks to all of the organisers. Very difficult not smiling at all of the crowd who came out to watch today!'
Lisa Duffy 'The mourners stopped me in my tracks... made me remember what this was all about. Very thought provoking.'
Jayne Jolly 'This is just lovely! My Liverpool Grandmother lost 3 of them was in the Kings Liverpool. A moving tribute to her..thankyou so much.'