This is a big event in every sense, and Liverpool City Council's Culture Liverpool team want to make sure as many people as possible get involved in the run up, during and after the show.


They are working in partnership with other council teams and external organisations to deliver an education and participation programme that aims to bring together the entire city in memory of the events which took place between 1914 and 1918.


If you are planning on organising an event to coincide with the commemorations, please download the form and email it back to us.    


Loneliness and isolation are key factors affecting good well-being and can have a serious impact on health. The effects on health have been linked to being similar to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Older people are visiting their GPs more than ever to combat their isolation but some of our older people are not sitting back, they used the Giants coming back to this city, to get together, to chat about the event, talk about the routes the giants would be taking and how exciting it is for them and their families and how they could become part of it.
Knit and Natter Groups take place across the neighbourhoods of County, Anfield, and Kirkdale in the North of the city and through these groups local older people came up with the idea of knitting a beautiful blanket for the Grandmother while she was asleep in St. George’s Hall - they wanted to keep her warm and safe.
On Wednesday 23rd July representatives of the groups took the blanket to St Georges Hall to visit the Grandmother.
Ann Sullivan, 69, from Aintree, of St Luke's Knit and Natter group, said: "It's absolutely fantastic seeing the Grandmother. We made a massive blanket for her."
She added: "We crocheted the blanket & a scarf for the little girl as well. After it will go for children to sit on at story time."
Some of the older people were involved from the 6th February when Jean Luc from Royal De Lux visited some of the groups with Cllr Gerard Woodhouse, Mayor Lead for Older People, Cllr Eryl Owen, Isobel Godwin, Nikki Shaw, and Jackie Connolly to collect memories and stories. The older people told many a sad tale about WW1 and young people from the Young Creators also joined our group and learnt new knitting and crocheting skills working alongside our Helping Hands members.
We would like to say a special thank you to the Royal British Legion, Rose Dunn who comes from South Liverpool to share her crocheting skills, also Stephen Taylor who volunteers, who takes the lead on one of the Knit & Natter Groups.
Helping Hands are working at
The League Of Welldoers, 119-133 Limekiln Lane, Liverpool L5 8SN
23A Kirkdale Neighbourhood Centre, Stanley Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool L5 7QP
Robert Lynch House, James Dunne Avenue, Liverpool L5 8SA.
Florence Court, LHT Sheltered Scheme, 4 Buchanan Road, Walton Liverpool L9 1LJ.  
St Luke’s Court, Riverside Housing Sheltered Scheme, Walton Village, Walton, Liverpool L4 6XW
St. Columba’s Church, Pinehurst Road, Anfield, Liverpool L4 there group has been going for some time and many more across the city.
Helping Hands members come from Plus Dane, LHT, LMH, Regenda, Your Housing, Riverside, South Liverpool Housing, Venture Housing Association, Private Landlord’s, Owner Occupiers. If you would like to find out more about Helping Hands contact Jackie Connolly, Project Coordinator for Helping Hand, Plus Dane Group 0151 703 2004, 07970549118
[email protected]