This is a big event in every sense, and Liverpool City Council's Culture Liverpool team want to make sure as many people as possible get involved in the run up, during and after the show.


They are working in partnership with other council teams and external organisations to deliver an education and participation programme that aims to bring together the entire city in memory of the events which took place between 1914 and 1918.


If you are planning on organising an event to coincide with the commemorations, please download the form and email it back to us.    

Flash mobs appear to re-imagine Lord Derby’s recruitment of the Liverpool Pals

To open the telling of a Giant Spectacular, Memories of August 1914, actors travelled around the city presenting Lord Derby’s speech and propaganda that rallied thousands of Liverpool’s men to join Liverpool’s Pals regiment. Lord Derby was described as ‘England’s best recruiting sergeant.’
‘This should be a Battalion of Pals a battalion in which friends from the same office will fight shoulder to shoulder for the honour of Britain and the credit of Liverpool.’
Paul Duckworth played Lord Derby
‘Lord Derby is crucial figure in Liverpool’s history, one of the country’s greatest orators, it was a thrill and a challenge to play such a larger then life then life character.’
The outriders were Carl Roberts, Adam Gilbert and Chris Hill and Chris Hennessy drove the period car.

Lord Derby