This is a big event in every sense, and Liverpool City Council's Culture Liverpool team want to make sure as many people as possible get involved in the run up, during and after the show.


They are working in partnership with other council teams and external organisations to deliver an education and participation programme that aims to bring together the entire city in memory of the events which took place between 1914 and 1918.


If you are planning on organising an event to coincide with the commemorations, please download the form and email it back to us.    

Academy of St Francis of Assisi commemorative artwork.

The iconic image of a soldier pointing towards the viewer heralded a call to arms for volunteers at the start of World War One. 'Your King and Country needs you' was published on 11th August 1914 and called for the first 100,000 men to enlist. Life for all concerned was about to radically change.
Culture Liverpool and The Academy of St Francis of Assisi commissioned artist Robyn Woolston to create an artwork to commemorate this eventful period of history and one that would also serve as reminder of the Giants stay in Newsham Park . Young people at the 9th Newsham Park Arts Festival produced an array of colourful paintings that have been brought together to create a large scale piece of art work that is permanently displayed at the Academy of St Francis of Assisi.
'I wanted to amalgamate the fascinating characters from the Giant Spectacular into a contemporary vision of Kitchener's rousing call to enlist. It's both a sombre and important time, as well as a celebration, as we remember those who fought’
Robyn Woolston
 ‘I have been learning about WW1 in school, about the Zepplins. I liked painting with Robyn today I finished a whole picture. I want to go to St Francis when I’m older, I can see my painting when I go.’
Wed Al – Alosi aged 8
‘ I painted a Union Jack, the men in WW1 were proud of their country’
John Rendle aged 12 years old
‘ I love the Little Girl Giant, I’m painting flowers for her’
Megan Kavanagh aged 10